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How to make your space look bigger (DIY) with minimal changes?

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Removal of Unwanted object

  1. Pile all the unwanted or the things (clothes, furniture, footwear, accessories, vessels etc.) which you have not used for more than 6 months on one corner of the room.

  2. Sort out items which you might need in future (p.s. If you have not used for more than 6 months to 1 year you are not going to use it anymore) and trash to other remaining items.

  3. Remove or replace hard or sharp eye catching objects to the end or corner.


  1. Rearrange tall and huge furniture on the end or corners. Avoid placing it in-between or at the entrance of the room.

  2. Pile on the cushions maintaining the hierarchy of size and shape.


  1. Replace bulky furniture to sleek and simple furniture.

  2. Replace artificial indoor or outdoor plants to natural plants.

  3. Replace coarse and rough rugs to fine and smooth textured rugs.

  4. Replace textured paint or wall to fine and smooth surface.

  5. Replace dark curtains, bedsheets, rugs, or any tapestry to light or bright colours.


  1. Place items or objects at its designated place only.

  2. Place mirror or reflecting material in narrow or smaller space.

  3. Create a statement wall. Hang textiles on the wall.

  4. Make a display of artworks.

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